Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where is snow?

It's been super cold lately, freezing temps almost every day. Sort of like it might really be winter :) Except does it look like it winter from these pics?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I feel like I have a post a season :) But what can you do if you have tons of school work and a family to take care of? It's my winter break now, so behold - beginning of our holiday season:

Tradition - Zoo Lights; we go at least a couple of times.

Finally got our tree; hubby decided that we should have a real one this year. He set it up and put up the lights, Little Dude decorated it. I supervised :)

Kitty posed by the tree.

She also guards it :)

I play around with bokeh!

And while Little Dude is at school, I go out with friends, and use mall decorations for pictures :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We are back in the US. We've actually been back since the 22nd of August, but there was a lot of stuff going on :)

Before we left, we spent the day with my sister and her family. Little Nephew is getting so big! It's sad that I won't see him grow in person...

After we got back, we just mainly hung out with hubby - going to the parks, stores, getting Little Dude ready for school, we even squeezed in a short beach trip.

And yesterday F. started Kindergarten! He was excited to go, and didn't even care that we left after drop off (2 years of preschool must have paid off!). At pick up he was excited to get out, but said he loved it and wants to go back!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mother Russia

storm, Black Sea, Tuapse

waterfront, Tuapse

Kiselyov Cliff

Kurdzhips River in Mezmay

Guam gorge

Sunset, Black Sea

a field of sunflowers, Krasnodar

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

oooh hey!

Did you know I was on vacation?

We've been at my parents' house for over a month, and still have a little than a month left. 

We are rested up, tan and happy!

{almost} the whole family is here - my parents, me and the Little Dude, my sister, her hubby and their babe.

Yep, I am an aunt now! My nephew was born on the 17th of June. It's awesome that I can cuddle him and then give him back :)

Little Dude loves his cousin - he sings to him, talks to him, gives him kisses; and in turn Little Nephew loves his cousin - he babbles and smiles when Little Dude does any of those things I mentioned.

We travel around a lot - neighborhood cities, camping, hiking, and of course the beach. Little Dude is learning Russian, and is getting great at math.

I love love love it here, but I miss hubby and home and can't wait to go back! Though I know I'll be missing my family here like crazy once we leave....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well, better late than never, right?
My commencement ceremony was last Sunday, and I while I am not done with school yet (still have 2 years to get my masters), I am done with my bachelor's degree. Feels sooo good to be done with it, because at one point I didn't even think I'd go back to school.

me and hubby

Little Dude graduated preschool, it was bittersweet. He is really looking forward to Kindergarten in fall! 

Also, tomorrow F and I are off to visit my parents for 2 months!

Aaand, my nephew is being born as I write this. Soooo excited for my sister!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Monday - Furry

I am finally joining Happy Monday. I figured it's about time! :)

This week's theme is furry. So here's my favorite little kitty who waits will I fall asleep evry night and comes to cuddle. She either sleeps right next to my side or on my chest, and purrs in my ear every morning.

Anyway, here's Bart Simpson, napping under warm sun rays.