Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Shopping.

I am super impressed by hubby who endured a day of shopping today! Instead of watching football, he went from store to store with me for 4.5 hours!
But we are pretty much done now! I still need to get a couple of things for my dad and figure out what to get for my sister and her husband, but everything else is taken care of.
First thing today, we picked up F's kitchen. He is going to love it! This is his big gift from mommy and daddy; he is also getting another Muddypaws book. And then Santa is bringing him Plan cooking utensils/pots and pans and Melisa and Doug food groups, as well as an ice pack and Lego car, F. asked for.
I can't wait to see him open that stuff. He will be so excited!

My sister-in-law watched him and his friend while we were shopping, and F. said he had so much fun! I love this picture my sil took of the kids at the park!

Freddy and his friend Tayah

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