Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Break.

We are pretty much doing nothing till the beginning of January! Bliss!
Had my last exam today, picked F. up from school, and we hung out downtown for about 4 hours. My plan was to make him tired, but he's still bouncing off the walls... :)

leaf heart

Tentative plan(s) for the break:

*Take my CBEST test (reading/writing/math 6-hour test for my Master's program application)

*Hopefully sign The Monster up for swimming again, or some other kind of sport

*Clean/organize this house

*and rest rest rest rest rest


  1. ooh did you end up taking the CBEST?

  2. nooo... J's been working way too much, with days off on holidays mostly. We need to figure out his schedule one of this days so I can sign up for the test...

  3. ahh yeah that test sounds like a huuuge event!