Sunday, March 27, 2011

yes please!

F., who used to drink only milk a couple of years ago, does not like it now. There's nothing you could do to make him drink plain milk - if it's white, it's a no-go.

On a recent trip to the grocery store I found these straws.

I made sure to ask F. if he wanted to try them, because normally, if you don't ask his opinion, he won't have anything to do with it. We brought them home and he was excited to try them!

He picked vanilla first and then later on tried chocolate (the store didn't have strawberry). He drank two cups of milk. thats TWO more than he drinks a day :)

I tried it too, to see how it tasted. Surprise! It hardly tasted like chocolate milk! It tasted like regular milk with a tiny, itty bitty taste of chocolate.

For some $2.99 might be a waste if it doesn't really work. For me, it's a placebo sort of thing. I seriously would pay this child $5 just so he'd drink a cup of milk!

One straw (or one cup of milk) would have a little bit more than a teaspoon of sugar. So much better than making chocolate milk with powder!

F. asks for chocolate or vanilla milk almost at every meal now and it's been 3 days that he's had at least a cup of milk a day.

I was not paid to write this, nor was I given any products (which would have been awesome, by the way :) ), but if your child is anything like mine, go buy them!!!

I know we are going back to get more!

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