Monday, May 16, 2011

as promised...

... here's some pictures from the last who knows how long :)

it was so sunny about a week ago. i had the wrong filter on and i have these light orbs on a lot of my photos from that afternoon. but i kind of like them in this picture.


Little Dude turned 5! His grandma took him out for some yummy ice cream, then we picked up great grandma and all went to the park. He had fun tumbling down the hill :)

Me and hubby gave him a scooter for his birthday. We figures he'd learn to balance on it faster, and we'll be able to soon take the training wheels off. He picked it up pretty fast, and he is getting better and better at balancing!


F. tried to decorate the scooter with flowers :)

The day after his birthday, he had a kindergarten round up. It was great to meet with the teachers, to see and talk to the principal again, and to visit with my practicum teacher. F seemed to enjoy the whole thing too, except for riding a bus... :)

The day after round up was his cosmic bowling party. Due to the light inside the alley, most of the pictures turned out pretty crappy...

But I love this one, which I snapped when we were still at home. Strawberries for his party snacks. They were sooo good!


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