Friday, January 7, 2011


When I looked in my student planner several days ago, I discovered that the spring graduation application deadline was yesterday.

Not a big deal, I though, untill I started filling it out and couldn't remember what catalog year I was supposed to use.

I am on campus only 2 days a week, with classes from 10 am to 4 pm with just enough time to walk from class to class, so there's very little opportunity for me to do anything else during those hours.

Well, yesterday I just ended up being so stressed out that I left my 1st class an hour early, and it gave me enough time to talk to advisors.

I found out I can use any catalog year, because the only difference was this intensive writing course I've been dreading. But it turned out, my regular advisor waived it for me! *happy dance* :) I really didn't want to take that class, but had to since, even though I started college in 2000, it wasn't in the US.

So then there's this other huge gap to fill in - my foreign language requirenment. Should be easy, right? Excpet there's a test I had to take in order for me not to take any classes. The test is super easy, but time consuming... So during the rest of that hour I went to the foreign language department, where I was given a form to fill out and attach to my HS diploma. I went to the Russian Language department, and was told that it could possibly be a copy of my transcript instead. So I had admissions send the copies over to them.

All I have to do now is e-mail the head of the department and explain the situation. Would have been sooo much easier if she was there when I stopped by and could hear me speak the language and just sign off on my requirenment :)

So now I am left with 12 credits, 4 of which will go to my psyc pre-req for grad school, and now I need to decide what to do with the rest. One thing that makes it easy is that another 4 should fit in with social science requirenment, and I can hopefully find a good child and family studies class. Then I am left with an elective that I have nooo idea what to do... Decisions decisions...

But I did turn in my application, and I can (in about 3 weeks) register for a spring commencement ceremony!

Ok, so that was some good news. Now onto crappy stuff...

I found out that this grad school program I want to do, Inclusive Elementary Education Program, has about 18-20 spots open, and about 30 people have applied already. The cut off for the application is April 1st, and there's at least 3 more people, including me, who are applying... The thing is the program is offered every 2 years, so after it starts this coming fall, it won't be offered till fall 2013.

And this is where I start freaking out. What if I don't get in? Am I supposed to wait two years? What will I do during those two years? I mean, I will have to work, but what will I do? I really don't want to have some crappy job, having a bachelors degree I've worked hard for... My only other option would be to apply for a General Teaching Education Program, that would start a summer from when I graduate. This way I will only have a year off as opposed to over two.

But I guess I should stop freaking out and getting stressed out untill I actually know what's going on. Right?


  1. glad some things are falling in to place for you. having to wait is so hard though. I'll be praying you get accepted and don't have to wait!

  2. thanks Colleen! I really do hope it works out, it's just scary to be in the unknown... :)

  3. ugh you only have 12 after this term? jealous!

    I hope they pay attention and get you all taken care of (re foreign language req.) I hate how sometimes things get "lost" in this university...

    I really really hope you get it. But if not, I think the general ed. is a great option, too! I know I'll be proud of you either way! :)

  4. awww, thanks! that really means a lot to me!

    yep, I have 8 social science credits, one of which will be psyc 311 or something, and then 4 to do whatever I want with. Hope we can take a photog course together!

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope all goes well at your uni! I can't imagine how hard being a mom and studying at the same time would be. How old is your little boy?

    I did an online course over the summer and I found I was stretched to the limits. I am blessed to have a stay at home nanny to take care of my little girl when I work.

  6. Thank you!
    He is 4, but I went back to school when he turned 3. It's definitely challenging, but it helps that he's in preschool.